I’m fascinated by using technology to create.
As a developer, I work with Python, Haskell, and ReactJS.

As a designer, I love whitespace. Probably a bit too much. I mean, look at this site, it’s everywhere. It’s disgusting.

When I’m not coding, designing, or science-ing, I’m rock climbing, reading, or cooking.

This site uses Hakyll, the Haskell static site generator. The source code is on github.

You can reach me at moc.tnahpele-lacinahcem@ttam.

On twitter, I’m @mech_elephant


Becoming Productive in Haskell

The Basic, Practical Benefits

Web Experiments

The Wise Manatee

In case you wanted code advice
from a herbivorous marine mammal.

Low-poly Animations

Using two.js